Harness your data to power your business.



Create a richer, more engaging customer experience.



Dashboards, data-driven applications, digital marketing campaigns, and more.


A Smarter Way to Drive Your Business

Strategy, design, and development that make the most of your data and drive your brand.
With over two decades of application and web development experience, Juxta Digital provides new perspectives on your diverse challenges. We strive to understand what motivates your buyers — both intellectually and emotionally — and to put your brand at the forefront.
Choosing the right digital design and technology partner can be the difference between getting by and getting ahead.

You need a specialist who can quickly understand your business, develop an effective strategy and harness your data to create smarter websites, campaigns and apps that wow your customers.

Seamless. Easy. That’s how it works when we do the heavy lifting.

Successful Data-Driven Business Dashboards.   Six Strategies for success.

Apply the right approach to avoid traps and unlock the secrets in your data. Read More

Enriching Customer Experience

Product. Data. Customer.
One Twentieth of a Second.

That’s how long it takes someone to judge your website. And seventy-five percent of prospects admit that they judge a business based upon its website design. When a prospect visits your website, how will they judge you?

Good design is more than just a pretty logo. A website needs to inspire your customers to take action – and make that action as easy to perform as possible. In other words, good website design is all about good customer experience. This includes compelling and useful content, the right interactions at the right time, online communities, and the ability to connect with customer success and sales people seamlessly.

At Juxta Digital, we marry all of this together with an approach tailored to your business needs — and geared to deliver an outstanding customer experience.
What do you need today to create a compelling customer experience?

• A fully branded website, a richer online community, and a more dynamic marketplace?
• Are your sales and customer support systems proactive and relevant?
• Are you regularly engaging with customers through connected digital marketing programs?
• Does your website inspire action?

At Juxta Digital, we can handle all this. And more.

Data-Driven Applications

We never met a database we didn't like.
Data is at the core of digital marketing. It drives the most intelligent applications that deliver targeted results. But getting your data to work for you — instead of against you — can be tricky.

Juxta Digital simplifies the process by providing data applications for every business need, including dashboards, user-driven applications, digital marketing campaigns, and more.

For over twenty years, we've specialized in digging into databases and mastering data. From MS SQL to nosql to unstructured HTML, we've seen it all.
You need solutions at your fingertips and we make it easy. By putting the customer at the forefront, we understand how to harness information to drive applications and marketing programs that are personalized, powerful, and informative.

Call us with your data challenge. We'll help you turn it into an advantage.

E-Commerce & Inventory Management Systems

Make your customer experience stand out.
Building the right eCommerce platform is only the start of a successful management system. You need an effective product catalog, integrated internal processes, and automated procedures to make your business thrive. The ultimate goal is an engaging customer experience that is ahead of the pack.

With over two decades of expertise in designing systems for businesses ranging from startups to the global Fortune 500, Juxta Digital creates digital solutions that are nimble and robust. Our frictionless approach to shopping and inventory management include advanced capabilities that help you get more from your current systems and online sales data.
Build on your strategy and personalize your customer experience with valuable connections to eCommerce platforms and back-office systems. Free up time and resources with simple solutions that are customized for your unique needs.

Don’t blend in with the crowd. Juxta Digital has the tools and techniques to help you stand out.

Brand Activation and Digital Marketing

From websites to social media—and everything in between.
Activating customers requires a solid understanding of your key customer segments.

We take the time to learn your business, understand your goals and listen to your needs. We dive into your data to find the most profitable and loyal segments for your business, and we take the time to understand what motivates these buyers – both intellectually and emotionally.

These insights drive our strategic and creative processes, where we work to shape your visual and verbal brand and messaging.