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Digital Strategy

What does it take to become a successful digital company? A comprehensive digital strategy provides a roadmap of how to get there. From customer segmentation, user persona development and journey mapping to content development, customized interactions and data-driven decision making, we help you achieve your vision and reach your goals.

U/X Design

Great user experience (U/X) inspires your customers to take action, and is the product of a thoughtful combination of information architecture, visual and interaction design — as well as usability and accessibility testing.

Content Development

The number one rule of attracting visitors is compelling content. But what makes it irresistible? Begin with a thorough understanding of your customer, and the key decision points along their journey to evaluate your products and services. What appeals to their interests? How can you fill knowledge gaps in ways that are both insightful and authentic? Do you maintain a dialog with your customers that can result in inspirational stories? Contact us about creating a content strategy that gets results.

Design & Data Visualization

Good design is more than just a pretty logo. A website needs to inspire your customers to take action – and make that action as easy to perform as possible. In other words, good website design is all about good customer experience. This includes compelling and useful content, the right interactions at the right time, online communities, and the ability to connect with customer success and sales people seamlessly.


Companies looking to create an online store often begin by choosing an e-commerce platform. An effective e-commerce strategy, however, begins with a thorough understanding of its target audience, their preferences and how they wish to evaluate the products and services they are looking to buy. These factors will determine the structure of your catalog, its taxonomy and design, and the visual storytelling and messaging components that will help drive consumer decision making. Another must is an evaluation of your internal processes and automated procedures, and how they will integrate with your e-commerce platform.

Web & App Development

Choosing the right foundation for your website or application can be tricky. For example, which content management system is the best fit your resources, your level of technical expertise, and distribution of staff and content? Is it easy to use, reliable, and secure? How will it scale with your business? We can help you navigate these issues, and create a platform tailored to your needs.

Brand Activation

How do you generate consumer enthusiasm and trigger action? Brand activation, a relatively new marketing discipline, allows you to engage consumers directly. Campaigns that include promotions, experiential marketing, digital campaigns and sampling campaigns — alone or in combination — help to drive consumer action, and foster loyalty and brand advocacy.

Marketing Automation

Great marketing automation strategies can give you a lasting strategic advantage. The hard part is they are complex beasts. And while the myth may say you can just press this one button, add this one more piece of software or follow these three steps to be successful, great marketing automation strategies require a unique combination of both marketing art and science. READ MORE +

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